Who is a NY Wine Spotter?

A NY Wine Spotter is someone who’s passionate about NY wines and would like to enjoy more of them in their favorite local eateries. They support local wines by ordering them to pair with their meal or start their dining experience, and are bitterly disappointed when they can’t find enough of them on restaurant wine lists.

NY Wine Spotters don’t make a fuss, they make a recommendation. They ask for NY wines and suggest one to their waiter if they don’t see it.

NY Wine Spotters are explorers. They like to visit wineries, try different wines, celebrate new releases, listen to wine makers, join local wine clubs, and know which NY wines they like to pair with sushi or steak, pasta or Thai.

NY Wine Spotters are social. They tweet, post, check in and Instagram their favorite dining experiences via what has been coined food porn.

Does this sound like you? Or do you just simply love your NY wines? Then either way, you have exactly what it takes to be an official NY Wine Spotter! Take the pledge and help us get more of your favorite NY wines into your favorite NY restaurants!


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