9934 State Rt 414
Hector, NY 14841

Winery Information

Hours: 11a-5p
Days: 7 days a week
Season: Year-round

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Primary Contact

Marti Macinski

Distributed By:

Frederick Wildman and Sons,
Wholesale Division
307 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022

Local Rep:

Donna Schlosser-Long


Standing Stone Vineyards is a family-operated estate winery located on the east shore of Seneca Lake, in the wine growing area referred to as the “Banana Belt.” The historic Gold Seal vineyards were purchased in 1991 by Tom and Marti Macinski with the belief that the Finger Lakes could produce world-class wines, and they wanted to be part of the young wine region’s development. The Macinskis dedicated the early years to making great Rieslings and Gewürztraminers, believing that those two varieties truly belong in the Finger Lakes. As their knowledge and love of the land grew, so did their wine selection. In addition to perfectly crafted whites, the winery has gone on to develop some of the finest, most distinctive reds in the Finger Lakes. True students of the terroir, the Macinskis consider themselves farmers first, stating that winemaking starts in the earth, not at the vine.

standingstone-2012Res2012 Riesling

Production Notes: Harvested 9.24-27.12 from the historic Gold Seal vineyards at 23.4 Brix. Fermented in stainless steel tanks. Blended before bottling to maximize the best characteristics of each lot. 1524 cases bottled 3.5.13 and 6.4.13. Residual sugar: 1.5%, pH: 3.03, Total Acid: 9.45 g/l, Alcohol: 12.2%, IRF Scale: Medium Dry

Tasting & Pairing Notes: Lively, with round, full notes of green apple and other exotic and tropical fruits. A hint of acidity balances the wine perfectly. The finish is a pleasant, flinty lift. Serve with mild creamy cheddar cheese or chicken dishes, and most Asian dishes.


standingstone-ice2012 Riesling Ice

Production Notes: Harvested after the grapes are slightly frozen. After picking, grapes go into cold storage and freeze solid. Pressed when grapes are very frozen, with initial Brix between 40 and 50. Fermentation carefully monitored to maximize the rich fruit flavors and opulent mouth feel and structure. 386 cases bottled 3.5.13. Residual sugar: 21%, pH: 3.35, Total Acid: 9.9 g/l, Alcohol: 12.2%, IRF Scale: Sweet

Tasting & Pairing Notes: Vibrant, rich lemon and citrus flavors tingle on the tongue. Nice balance of acidity with a beautiful lingering finish. Pairs well with a cheese course and rich desserts like cheese cake.


standingstone-redSmokehouse Red

Production Notes: This Bordeaux-style red is a blend of primarily Cabernet Sauvignon (73%), with Merlot (15%), Pinot Noir (7%) and Petit Verdot (5%). Most of the juice comes the 2011 harvest, with a small amount of vintage 2010 fruit to fill out the blend. Fermented and aged in French and American oak barrels for 18-24 months before blending. 224 cases bottled 4.26.12. Residual sugar: 0.2%, pH: 3.49, Total Acid: .71g/l, Alcohol: n/a, IRF Scale: Dry

Tasting & Pairing Notes: This wine is chewy & spicy, with lots of bright fruit. Perfect for every day drinking, try serving this with pizza, pasta (with lots of cheese), or Mexican foods.