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2287 Turk Hill Road
Fairport, NY 14450

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Hours: 10a-6p
Days: 7 days a week

Season: Year-round

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Primary Contact

Leslie Arduser-Brogan
585.223.4210 x116

Distributed By:

Opici Wine Company
of New York
6970 Schuyler Road
East Syracuse, NY 13057

Local Rep:

Ron Reals


In 1974, Andrew Colaruotolo started Casa Larga Vineyards as a hobby, seeking to produce wine reminiscent of wines produced by his family’s vineyard in Italy. Casa Larga’s first 3 wines were produced in 1978, earning silver and gold medals in the first competition in which they were entered. Now, 35 years later, Casa Larga Vineyards continues this tradition of excellence – producing high quality, award-winning wines, and growing to be one of the leading wine producers in New York’s Finger Lakes Region. The Colaruotolo family has carried on Andrew Colaruotolo’s dream of building a quality vineyard, seeking to not only showcase the quality wines that can be produced in New York State, but also to remain dedicated to preserving the Italian heritage from which the vineyard has grown.

CLVchardCLV Chardonnay

Production Notes: Grapes are machine picked, and processed immediately to minimize the risk of oxidation. Small lots of Chardonnay are fermented in 225L 3 types of oak barrels. The blending of the three oaks allows for a more complex finished product. Malolactic fermentation is monitored and arrested at a point that encourages both a vibrant acidity and a round, full texture. Grapes from various vintages are included in the blend to allow for the production of a consistent wine despite our variable climate. Residual sugar: 0.3%, Alcohol: 12.0%, IRF Scale: Dry

Tasting & Pairing Notes: Rich and spicy with nuances of vanilla. Medium-bodied with a toasty finish. A blend of 3 types of oak-aged Chardonnay — American, French and Hungarian oak. Pairs with rich sauces, seafood, creamy cheeses.



Production Notes: Vine balance and fruit position are accomplished by hand to ensure proper ripening of the Bordeaux style grapes. The grapes are hand-picked very late in the growing season to maximize ripeness and tannin development. The grapes are then pressed into 1 ton fermentation tanks. The juices ferment on the skins, and are punched down twice daily. They are then racked and placed into barrels. Each variety in the blend is fermented and aged separately. A blend is then created that maximizes nuances of each grape while maintaining harmony. This blend is then racked back into barrels where it ages for up to several additional months. Residual sugar: 0.3%, Alcohol: 12.5%, IRF Scale: Dry

Tasting & Pairing Notes: Medium bodied blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Wonderful dark berry, oak and mineral aromas and a velvety palate. Complements Pot roasts, red sauces, chocolate, steak.


clvlilachillLilac Hill

Production Notes: A blend of vinifera and hybrid varieties. These grapes are allowed to become intensely ripe to develop aggressively floral aromas. The wine is fermented using cold fermentation in stainless steel, bringing out the fruit flavor and aromas in the wine. Residual sugar: 3%, Alcohol: 11%, IRF Scale: Medium Sweet

Tasting & Pairing Notes: Non-oaked. Smooth with refreshing fruit and floral characteristics, semi-sweet with a crisp, acidic finish. Pairs beautifully with Tart apples, Bleu and Gorgonzola cheeses.