NY Wine Spotting is a grassroots movement to get more of our local wines into our local restaurants. Our movement starts in the Finger Lakes Region, one of the top Wine Regions in NYS, with an emphasis on getting more Finger Lakes wines into Rochester restaurants. As we have success in this Region, we are spreading our message and mission across the state helping all NY Wine Regions get their wines into their local restaurants too!

This just in! New York State just received the Wine Region of the Year at Wine Enthusiast’s Wine Star Awards. These awards are given to individuals, companies and regions whose vision has impacted the wine and beverage industry, and are notable for their energy and groundbreaking vision, coupled with the courage to take risks and the skill to succeed. New York’s wine industry consists of five diverse wine-growing regions—the Finger Lakes, Long Island, Lake Erie, the Niagara Escarpment and the Hudson River—and contributes more than $4.8 billion in economic benefits for the state, with 1,631 vineyards and 353 wineries calling New York home.

  • NY Wine Lovers, Become NY Wine Spotters

    NY Wine Lovers, Become NY Wine Spotters

    Take the pledge  and get the tools to promote New York Wines every time you go out to eat. Request your favorite New York wines at your favorite local New York restaurants using Drop Cards. Report which local restaurants carry New York wines, and how you enjoyed them with your foods using all of our preset hashtags across our social media channels.

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  • NY Wineries, Rally Your Supporters!

    NY Wineries, Rally Your Supporters!

    Ask your employees and loyal customers to become NY Wine Spotters! Make yourselves available to go to restaurants for both staff and consumer education tastings. Invite restaurant staff to your wineries for tours and tastings. Work with your distributors to promote your wines when they go these local restaurants.

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  • NY Restaurants,  Take the Challenge  to Add Local Wines!

    NY Restaurants, Take the Challenge to Add Local Wines!

    We challenge you, our favorite local restaurants, to carry 35% local wines by the glass. Those of you who successfully add these wines to your wine lists become recognized NY Wine Spots, receive a ranking on the list of all of your area’s restaurants, and will be promoted through our social media channels and public relations.

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